donderdag 3 december 2009


"Ed" (sign) is fabricated from MDO, and layered, then decorated with vinyl and router cut acrylic. The independent letters are also precision routed and mounted without a common background for a clean, professional look.

Ed ode: “Simply Ed”:

Is Ed gered of
Reddeloos verloren?

“Ed's Cantina has gone GREEN!
Here at Ed’s Cantina & Grill…We recycle all that we can. For us; this includes paper, plastic, aluminum and glass.”

2 opmerkingen:

ed zei

Wat moet je als gemiddeld reaguurder hier nou weer mee? Je komt Ed toch ook overal tegen. Wel volgende keer 'oudsider' met een 'd' schrijven; je weet hoe lang Ed's tenen zijn.

de Joker zei

“as You my dear Edysseus, were drifting past the lorelei
you heard those slinky sirens wail - whooo
So look out sailor when you hear Bryan F croon:
Another fine Edition of you”