dinsdag 17 maart 2009

Big City – typografische plattegrond

"Birmingham, you may not be a Venice or a Cannes
But you have shown us what life's all about
It's time to shout your praises round
They'll never knock you down
We love you Birmingham."

Clifford T. Ward

5 opmerkingen:

Miss Riddle zei

Hoe noem je een blondje met 2 hersencellen?

Subhuman zei

"Give me a break don't tell me
That life is great in the big city
It's all based on money and greed
Everything you'll never need"

Miss Riddle zei

als antwoord:...


Anoniem zei

We love Sin City.Inky map

the Joker zei

My dear Goldie, I do