woensdag 18 maart 2009

Big Apple

No flying robot to be seen, so……

Oh, Manhattan, I’m in love with you-
your sweat rising through the subway grates
in its pungent musk;
your freaks, your art.
I, too, am a freak-
I, too, will roam through stations of the metro,
eyeing the rats,
and wander home - late even for you,
with dirty shoes and empty pockets.

“New York City you're so big and tough.
My pistols are loaded, I feel rough.
Well. we've heard of your punks and high heeled steppers.
We're bad southern boys and don't you forget us.”

Molly Hatchet

2 opmerkingen:

Alice Cooper zei

“Heard about them massages, and all those dirty shows
I read somewhere some places never close
While we waste time on yokels, comin' through the door
Big Apple dreamin' on a wooden floor”

de Joker zei

net als Heinrich Heine:...

"Woman is at once apple and serpent."