donderdag 19 februari 2009

"I heard those slinky sirens wail, ..woooh"

In a bizarre late painting called The Sirens,an armored boat with oversize phallic anchors looms in a harbor, the banks of which are lined with scantily clad women. Burne-Jones explained, with characteristic vagueness and paranoia, that he had depicted "a sort of Sirenland--I don't know when or where--not Greek Sirens."

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anonymus zei

"Sirens, femmes fatales who enticed men to their deaths, fascinated Burne-Jones. He portrays himself in caricatures as puny, dwarfed by big women. In one of his drawings he disarms the sirens by depicting them with fat bottoms perched uncomfortably on rocks"

debo zei

"The more materialist science becomes', Edward Burne-Jones once assured Oscar Wilde, 'the more angels shall I paint".

de Joker zei

Burne-Jones' most notorious entanglement was his affair with a fiery Greek model in her mid-20s named Maria Zambaco, who was celebrated for her glorious red hair and almost phosphorescent white skin. Burne-Jones fell madly in love and painted her obsessively, but their sexual liaison ended in disaster when his wife found a note from her in his pocket.