maandag 7 september 2009


"She's Venus in blue jeans
Mona Lisa with a pony tail
She's a walking talking work of art
She's the girl who stole my heart"

Jimmy Clanton

3 opmerkingen:

zz top zei

“I done ran
Into my baby
And fin'lly found
My old blue jean”

Merle Haggard zei

“Hey, I knew right away that she like the words to my song
'Cause she stared at my git guitar and followed my fingers too long
And she had the likeness of a girl I'd seen in my dreams
But lights can do wonders with make up and faded blue jeans”

Dr. Hook zei

“Night falls on the city, baby feels the beat
Slick and sexy angel of the street
The queen of all the night birds watch her when she walks
She don't say nothing but, baby makes her blue jeans talk
Baby makes her blue jeans, yes she makes her blue jeans talk”